Ashwagandha is a herbal product with anti-stress, anti inflammatory, immunomodulatory and rejuvenating effects.

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Product Description

Ashwagandha is a herbal product helping release stress and revitalize human body. As the name says it, the main component is the Ashwagandha plant.

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Common use.

Ashwagandha is also known under the name of Withania Somnifera or Indian ginseng. It is a tropical plant whose roots are a real thesaurus of energy stimulant substances. It is indicated for every age especially for those people who:

  1. are tired, devitalized
  2. suffer from insomnia or who get up in the morning even more tired than they were when going to bed
  3. are impatient and anxious

Additionally, the indian ginseng diminishes inflammatory reactions, its effect being similar to that of prednisolone.

Recent studies have highlighted the extremely benefic action of Ashwagandha over human psyche. It is considered to be one of the most powerful adaptive plants. This term refers to those plants which help human body to adapt in conditions of physical or emotional stress.

Administration and dosage.

Before beginning administering these caps you should consult your physician in order to be advised on the dosage and duration of taking Ashwagandha.

Manufacturers recommend taking 1 capsule per day before the meal. The taste is a quite bitter one, thus you can take the capsule with tea, milk

If you consider that the product is somehow too strong for you or it seems that the effect is weak, ask for a medical advice.

Precautions and warnings.

Please take into account that if you are already using an allopathic sedative medication, you should consult your doctor whether to use Ashwagandha or not.


Like in the case with other natural products Ashwagandha must not be taken by:

  1. pregnant and breastfeeding women
  2. people allergic to some herbs
  3. some specific health condition impeding the administration of herbs

Side effects.

Natural products do not have serious side effects. Even if users will experience any of them, they will be mild and temporary:

  1. headache
  2. diarrhea
  3. abdominal pain, nausea

In case if any of the symptoms experienced is bothersome and does not go away, a healthcare professional should be consulted as soon as possible.

Drug interaction.

Ashwagandha will interact with sedatives. Their concomitant use is not advised. In such way, you should talk to your physician and decide how to administer the products without severe interactions between them.

Missed dose.

If you forget to take the caps at a certain hour, you can take them as soon as you remember to do so. Nevertheless, you must not take double doses.


If you take more Ashwagandha than recommended, you could have episodes of diarrhea accompanied by abdominal pain and nausea. You should see your treating doctor as soon as possible.