Generic Aygestin

(Norethindrone Acetate)

Generic Aygestin is a hormone for birth control medication. It also uses for endometriosis, amenorrhea, and abnormal uterine bleeding caused by hormonal imbalance.

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Product Description

Generic Aygestin is a birth control medication. The principle of action consists in changing the cervical mucus along with the uterine lining, thus hindering sperm to reach the uterus and obstructing a fertilized egg to bind to the uterus.

The active ingredient is: Norethindrone Acetate.

Common use.

Besides this main use, Generic Aygestin can also be used to treat such conditions as:

  1. irregular menstruations
  2. endometriosis
  3. vaginal bleeding of various etiology, mainly due to a hormonal disproportion

Administration and dosage.

You should take the medication in accordance with your prescription label. Your doctor has calculated the correct dose and duration of treatment suitable for your health situation.

Precautions and warnings.

If you are a smoker elder than 35 please be very careful while taking Norethindrone as smoking favours blood clots formation.

Additionally, you should be aware that birth control pills will prevent pregnancy and not sexually transmitted diseases. To protect yourself from them you should use some additional methods, for example condoms.


You should not take Generic Aygestin if one of the following refers to you:

  1. pregnancy- do not administer this medicine if you are pregnant as its use may seriously harm your unborn baby. If during the treatment you find out that you are pregnant please stop taking these pills immediately and consult your doctor for further instructions.
  2. blood circulation problems
  3. breast carcinoma
  4. liver/kidney dysfunctions
  5. high level of cholesterol
  6. upper respiratory tract troubles

Side effects.

Please find below several Generic Aygestin side effects you could experience due to Norethindrone use:

  1. headaches, migraines
  2. sweeling of the feet, face
  3. mood changes
  4. weight changes
  5. vision troubles
  6. nausea, vomiting, sweating
  7. skin reactions like: itching or rash
  8. appetite loss

Drug interaction.

You should let your doctor know about all the drugs you are currently under or have been recently as they might influence the action of Generic Aygestin. The drugs you purchased over the counter should also be mentioned.

Generic Aygestin interacts with barbiturates, HIV medications, ketoconazole etc.

Missed dose.

If by any chance you skip a dose you migth need to use some additional birth control methods (condoms or spermicide). You could take the missed dose as soon as you remember, but you should not take a double dose for compensating the forgotten one. Certainly you should call your doctor to get further instructions.


In case of an overdose please seek urgent medical care. You migth have strong headache and nausea or even vaginal bleeding.