Generic Duphaston


Duphaston Generic is a synthetic hormone. It is recommended to be used in treatment of post-menopausal symptoms, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and secondary amenorrhoea.

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Product Description

Generic Duphaston belongs to a group of drugs named progestogens. It is recommended to be used in all cases of progesteron insufficiency. The active substance is dydrogesterone. It does not inhibit ovulation and it does not have any of the following effects: estrogenic, androgenic (which stimulates the development of male characters), thermogenic (involcing the production of heat) or anabolic (leading to tissue growth).

Common use.

Generic Duphaston is used in the following cases: menstrual disorders (primary dysmenorrhea, secondary amenorrhea), endometriosis, infertility and habitual abortion, postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy.

Administration and dosage.

The usual daily dose is of 1 pill. Nonetheless, the correct dose depends on the patient’s current health situation. For example, in cases of abortion imminence the recommended dose is 40mg taken once followed by a 10mg dose. Consequently, only your doctor will prescribe you the correct dose and duration. Please follow thoroughly your prescription label.

Precautions and warnings.

You should be very careful while taking this medication if you have liver dysfunctions, as one of the quite frequent side effects while using Duphaston is that it affects liver.

If your doctor prescribed you this medication during pregnancy you should be monitorized on a regular basis.

Driving or machinery use: Duphaston Generic does not influence your ability to drive or to use machinery.


The main contraindications are:

  1. hypersensitivity to dydrogesterone or to any other component
  2. if you currently have or your physician suspects that you may have tumours- their development will be stimulated by progestogens
  3. liver disorders
  4. vaginal bleeding of uncertain origin
  5. hearing problems
  6. breastfeeding period- dydrogesterone passes into mother’s milk and may have an impact on your child

Side effects.

All the medications may have side effects and Generic Duphaston is not an exception. We can mention several of them:

  1. headache, migraine
  2. breast tenderness
  3. vaginal bleeding- occurs mainly when the treatment is interrupted
  4. liver disorders- jaundice
  5. abdominal pain
  6. allergic reactions of the skin- urticaria, itching

Drug interaction.

It is mandatory for you to inform your doctor about any medication you are taking at the present time or have been taking recently, as drugs may influence the way that Duphaston Generic works. It is as well important to mention the medications purchased over the counter.

Duphaston mainly interacts with barbiturates, antibiotics and inhibitors of liver enzymes.

Missed dose.

Do not take a double dose to make up for a skipped dose. It is recommended to consult a doctor for a professional advice.


If you took more Generic Duphaston than prescribed, you might have nausea, strong headache, dizziness or you could be vomiting. Please seek urgent medical care.