Generic Eulexin


Generic Eulexin is a medication indicated for the treatment of prostate carcinoma in advanced or metastatic phases.

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Product Description

Generic Eulexin is a medication indicated for the treatment of prostate carcinoma in advanced or metastatic phases. Its main role is to suppress the effect of testosterone.

The active substance is Flutamide 250mg.

Common use.

Generic Eulexin can be used in the following situations:

  1. as initial treatment, in combination with Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) antagonist or as adjuvant therapy in patients already under treatment with LHRH
  2. in patients undergoing surgical castration
  3. as treatment for patients who did not respond to other hormonal treatments or for patients who cannot tolerate such a treatment

Administration and dosage.

Drugs should always be taken in accord with the prescription label.

The usual dose is 1 pill 3 times per day with 8 hours difference between intakes. The pills should be swallowed entirely with a glass of water.

Precautions and warnings.

Take into account that one of the compounds of Generic Eulexin is lactose. If you are allergic to it, please let your physician know about it.

The capacity of driving and using machinery is usually not affected. Nevertheless, patients should be warned that they could feel dizzy or drowsy or even have blurred vision.


The main conditions impeding the administration of Generic Eulexin are:

  1. hypersensitivity to flutamide or to any other ingredient of this drug
  2. women, children, teenagers
  3. liver impairment
  4. kidney dysfunctions
  5. blood clots

Side effects.

Some of the most frequently reported undesirable effects associated with Generic Eulexin would be:

  1. gynecomastia
  2. fluid retention
  3. cardiovascular disorders
  4. diarrhea
  5. appetite increase
  6. dizziness
  7. drowsiness
  8. nausea
  9. abdominal pain
  10. in rare cases a decreased quantity of sperm was noticed

Drug interaction.

Do your best to inform your healthcare provider about all the drugs you are currently undergoing. Don’t forget to mention even herbal products, OTC drugs and vitamins. Generic Eulexin interacts with several categories of drugs:

  1. blood thinners - associating flutamide with warfarin, for example, is very dangerous due to an increased anticoagulant oral effect, with hemoragic risk
  2. drugs for treating digestive disorders and stomach ulcers- cisapride, cimetidine
  3. alpha-blockers- these are medications for blood pressure and enlarged prostate
  4. anti-allergic drugs- astemizole, terfenadine

For a more comprising list of interactions and their hazards consult your doctor.

Missed dose.

Doctors recommend to always administer your medications at the same hour every day. In this way you lower the chances of omitting any of the doses. If it still happened you can take your pill immediately as you remember about it. In case if it’s time for the next scheduled dose, just skip this single dose and continue as before. You should absolutely not take a double Generic Eulexin dose to compensate the forgotten one.


In case of an overdose dyalisis might not be helpful due to the fact that flutamide binds with plasmatic proteins. If you took more pills than you should have had, contact a healthcare provider for a professional monitorization.