Generic Fincar


Generic Fincar with active ingredient Finasteride is used to treat Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

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Product Description

Generic Fincar belongs to a group of medications named alpha-blockers. They are used either for treating blood pressure or enlarged prostate gland. Generic Fincar is used for alleviating the benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

The active ingredient is Finasteride 5mg.

Common use.

BPH is a benign increase in volume of the prostate gland. Generic Fincar’s mechanism of action consists in limiting the production of dihydrotestosterone. Thus, the sizes of the prostate will diminish and symptoms alleviated. BPH often involves urinary disorders like: slow urinary jet, inability to urinate normally, the sensation of not having completely emptied the bladder. If all of these remain untreated, they might lead to even more serious affection like acute urinary retention.

Administration and dosage.

Drugs should be always administered in accordance with the prescription label from your healthcare expert.

The initial recommended dose is 1 pill swallowed entirely without being chewed or crushed.

Precautions and warnings.

Take into account that the duration of treatment will be quite a long one. In some cases it should last for at least 6 months before seeing considerable amelioration.


In the situations below Generic Fincar should not be administered:

  1. allergy to finasteride or to another ingredient
  2. allergy to some other alpha-blockers
  3. liver impairment
  4. kidney dysfunction
  5. women, children and teenagers

Side effects.

These are some of the undesirable effects which users might experience:

  1. inability to obtain an erection or impotence
  2. weak desire of sexual intimacy
  3. a decrease of sperm quantity
  4. skin eruptions
  5. ejaculation problems
  6. quick heartbeat
  7. depression
  8. itching and swelling of face, hands
  9. infertility

Drug interaction.

Some drugs may influence the action of Generic Fincar or be influenced by it, potentiating the side effects it causes:

  1. drugs for high blood pressure
  2. antifungal drugs like ketoconazole
  3. antidepressants
  4. other alpha-blockers
  5. drugs for HIV/AIDS
  6. antibiotics

This is why it is essential to inform your doctor about all the medications you are taking at the time being, have stopped taking recently or should take in the nearest future.

Missed dose.

It is preferable not to skip any of the doses since this will have a negative impact over the treatment. Notwithstanding, if you miss one of the doses you can take it immediately as you remember about it. The only exception would be if it’s close time for the next scheduled dose. In this case you should just continue as before without taking a double dose.


In case of administering an exceeded dose of finasteride, you should contact a healthcare provider as soon as possible.