Generic Finpecia

Generic Finpecia


Generic Finpecia with active ingredient Finasteride is applied in treating of androgenetic alopecia known as male-pattern baldness. Also it used for treating of prostate cancer, BPH - benign prostatic hyperplasia.

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Product Description

Generic Finpecia is a medication used for treating BPH- benign prostate hyperplasia and hair loss in men. It belongs to a group of medications named 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. The active ingredient is Finasteride. 

Common use.

Generic Finpecia favours the decrease in dimensions of the prostate, improves urinary debit and relieves symptoms associated with BPH. In this way, the risk of developing an acute urinary retention is significantly lowered. As well, in the majority of cases the necessity of surgical interventions disappears.

Additionally, Finpecia decreases the levels of dihydrotestosterone responsible for shortening the growing phase of the hair and making it thinner. Men should take into account that this medication will be of use only in moderate alopecy.

Administration and dosage.

The daily dosage is 1 pill per day for a period of at least 6 months. The meal time is not relevant. It is very important to swallow the pill entirely without crushing it. However, the most appropriate dosage and duration of treatment for your health condition can be established only by a medical expert.

Precautions and warnings.

Women should be very careful with Finpecia pills. They should not touch them, especially if pregnant. In case if they have a male foetus, the contact with these pills becomes dangerous for the baby’s health.

If you notice any change of your breast or it becomes painful please inform your doctor as soon as possible.

Driving and machinery use: Finpecia is not considered to have an influence over the ability to drive and use machinery safely.


It is not recommended to administer Finpecia in the cases below:

  • if you are a woman
  • hypersensitivity to finasteride
  • allergy to lactose or to any other component of the drug
  • kidney dysfunctions
  • hepatic disorders

Side effects.

As all medication Generic Finpecia may lead to the appearance of some side effects, the majority of which are temporary ones:

  • swelling of the lips and face
  • decrease of sexual desire
  • skin erruptions and itching
  • genital disorders
  • abdominal pain

Drug interaction.

There were not reported any relevant drug interactions. Nevertheless, users should always provide their healthcare expert with an up to date information regarding all the medicines and herbals taken, in order to avoid any possible health hazards.

Missed dose.

For not having missed doses patients are advised to administer their pills at a certain hour every day. In case if you forgot to take your pills, you can take them once you realize the omittance. If it is close time for the next intake, doctors recommend to skip the missed dose and continue as initially scheduled.


In case if you took more Generic Finpecia pills than prescribed and you feel very bad, please seek medical care.