Hair Loss Cream

Hair Loss Cream

Hair Loss Cream applied for hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Per Tubes
50 ml x 1 tube
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50 ml x 2 tubes
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Product Description

Hair Loss Cream is a newly created product by Himalaya company. Hair loss has become a very frequently met problem, both in men and women. Hair Loss Cream is indicated for the treatment of hair loss due to various factors of our everyday life: stress, deficiency of calories and proteines, some of the administered drugs, skin diseases or allergies.

The ingredients of this cream are:

  1. Butea Gum Tree or Butea Monosperma- it is a herb with astringent properties. It is rich in gallic and tanninic acids. The latter have strong anti-oxidant effects.
  2. Butea Parviflora or Climbing Butea- a herb that improves hair’s tensile strength.

Common use.

Hair Loss Cream is used for:

  1. stimulating hair growth cycle
  2. strengthening hair roots
  3. improving hair resistance and density

According to conducted studies under the supervision of a dermatologist it was concluded that:

  1. after 2 weeks of treatment Hair Loss Cream reduces itching, dryness and redness
  2. after 3 months it improves with 100% hair resistance
  3. after 6 months of treatment hair loss was reduced with 70%.

Administration and dosage.

The cream should be used in the following way: gentle massage the cream until you cover the entire scalp. It is recommended to leave the cream overnight for having better results. If necessary, rinse in the morning.

The cream is usually applied once a day. In more complicated cases it could be applied twice a day. After examining you, the healthcare professional will decide on the dosage and frequency of use.

If you have some scalp injuries or wounds, this cream should not be used.

Precautions and warnings.

Please take into account that Hair Loss Cream will not be helpful in cases of genetic alopecies. If you suffer from such a disease, you should consult a doctor for further instructions.


Hair Loss Cream can be used by almost everybody. The only exception would be pregnant and breastfeeding women. Tests were not performed on this category of users hence the cream should not be used without the doctor’s permission.

Side effects.

If the cream is applied as indicated by the doctor, no adverse reactions were reported. In case if it happens that you experience any bothersome symptom after using the cream, ask your doctor for a consultation.

Drug interaction.

Concomitant use of Hair Loss Cream with other drugs has not resulted in drug interaction. Nonetheless, if you notice any unusual sign, please consult your physician.

Missed dose.

You cannot really have missed doses for this product. If you forget to apply the cream in the evening you can do it in the morning or as soon as you remember about it.


Cases of overdoses were not reported. Users are advised to use as much cream as indicated by their treating medical expert in order to avoid any possible hazardous consequences.