Himcolin gel

Himcolin Gel

Himcolin gel is a herbal remedy used for improvement of sensation and enhancement of pleasure and excitement.

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Product Description

Himcolin is a herbal gel used for alleviating erectile disorders in men in a natural way. The ingredients it contains are:

  1. Celastrus paniculatus- a potent aphrodisiac with anti-inflammatory and calming properties
  2. Hibiscus abelmoschus- also acts as an aphrodisiac. It has tonic and stimulent properties.
  3. Prunus amygdalus- used for treating genital disorders
  4. Vitex negundo- a rejuvenating herb. One of its main roles is to relax muscles.
  5. Gossypium herbaceum- it is a reach source of vitamins. It improves blood circulation.
  6. Pistacia vera- has many benefic actions. It prevents the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, sustains cellular regeneration and regulates the reproduction function.
  7. Myristica fragrans- possesses strong aphrodisiac, tonic and anti-inflammatory properties
  8. Syzygium aromaticum- an aphrodisiac with antiseptic and antioxidant features

Common use.

Himcolin gel is used to:

  1. improve blood circulation in the penile zone
  2. favour vasodilatation in the penile tissue
  3. obtain and maintain a firm erection
  4. prevent premature ejaculation

The principle of action of this gel consists in improving blood flow to the penile area, making it easier to obtain and maintain a firm erection. The latter is the key factor in having a bright sexual life.

Administration and dosage.

Himcolin should be applied on the penis before sexual intercourse. It is important not to apply the gel on the head of the penis. Within few minutes more blood will flow to this area and the lovemaking act will be indeed intense.

If you are confused regarding how to use this gel, please consult your doctor for more information.

Precautions and warnings.

Users should only be careful not to apply Himcolin on the head of their penis.


Himcolin gel is a herbal product intended for use in men. Thus, women must not use it.

Users with cardiovascular issues don’t have to worry, since the gel is to be used externally and not to be ingested.

Should you have any additional questions, just ask your physician for more information.

Side effects.

If used as recommended by the doctor or according to the product’s instructions, Himcolin gel does not involve any adverse reactions. Nevertheless, if you notice some unusual and sudden symptoms after using this product, medical assistance must be sought.

Drug interaction.

No drug interactions were reported so far. In case if you are not sure whether you should use Himcolin gel along with some other topical products, please consult a healthcare professional in order to avoid any possible health hazards.

Missed dose.

You cannot have missed doses for this product as it is used only on need.


If Himcolin gel is applied as advised by the doctor or as indicated in the leaflet, no overdose will occur.