Generic Levlen

(Ethinyl estradiol / Levonorgestrel)

Levlen is a hormonal oral contraception medication, it prevents ovulation and pregnancy.

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Product Description

Generic Levlen is a hormone medication used to prevent pregnancy. The principle of action consist in changing the structure of cervical mucus (to prevent sperm to reach the egg) and uterus lining (to prevent the attachment of an egg which was fertilized).

Common use.

It is mainly used a birth control pill, however it is also used to regulate women’s periods and to treat acne.

Administration and dosage.

The usual dose is 1 pill per day at the same hour. The Generic Levlen pack contains 28 pills: 21 active pills with medication and 7 reminder pills without medication. Nonetheless, Levlen should not be taken without medical advice. Thus, only your doctor will establish the correct dose and duration of treatment.

Precautions and warnings.

Please be very careful to take the pills in the correct order and at the same time each day, otherwise there are higher chances to become pregnant.

If you are breastfeeding, a small amount of Levlen may pass into the milk and also it may lower the quantity of the produced breast milk. Please consult your physician before taking this medication while breastfeeding.


You should not administer Generic Levlen if you:

  1. are allergic to any of the drug’s components
  2. have blood pressure disorders
  3. have liver and/or kidney disorders
  4. have thyroid disorders
  5. have cardiovascular diseases
  6. have diabetes

Side effects.

Like all the drugs Generic Levlen may have some side effects, however not everyone taking this drug may exeperience them. The most frequent are:

  1. headache, nausea, vomiting
  2. weight changes
  3. increased blood pressure
  4. water retention

Drug interaction.

You should inform your doctor about any medication you are currently taking or you have recently taken, as other drugs may influence the way that Generic Levlen works. In other words, the effect of the pills may be lowered and therefore you may have more chances to become pregnant. As well, the side effects may become more serious. You should be very careful if you are taking seizure or weight loss drugs, as the consequences may be very harmful ones. Talk to your health care provider.

Missed dose.

If you miss a dose you should not take a double one to compensate. You might need to use some additional birth control methods (for example condoms). Call your doctor for a professional advice.


In case if you took more Generic Levlen pills than recommended please seek medical help at once.