Mentat is a herbal remedy manufactured by Himalaya company applied for improving brain activity, increases concentration and  improves the memory.

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Product Description

Mentat is a herbal product manufactured by Himalaya company used to increase the capacity of concentration and to improve the memory. It is composed from natural ingredients. Please see below some of the herbal extracts it contains:

  1. Bacopa monnieri- it is a nervous tonic which increases the ability to learn and memorize. It has anxiolytic and antidepressant properties.
  2. Centella asiatica- assures the neuronal nutrition and improves blood circulation in the brain.
  3. Withania somnifera- a herb fighting stress. It has antioxidant characteristics and plays an important role in the regeneration of neurons and combats the chronic fatigue.
  4. Nordostachys jatamanasi- reduces agitation and insomnia in hyperkinetic patients and has an anti-epileptic role.
  5. Evolvulus alsinoides- has nootropic and psychotropic effects. It enhances memory.

Common use.

Mentat tabs is used with the following purposes:

  1. to increase concentration and improve memory
  2. increases body’s resistance to stress
  3. alleviates behavioural disorders like anger, aggressiveness and ostility
  4. improves word articulation and corrects speech defects in patients having suffered from stroke
  5. assures a good oxygenation of the nervous tissue without producing agitation or insomnia
  6. recommended for patients suffering from fatigue and exhaustion
  7. in cases of enuresis with psychic etiology

Administration and dosage.

For obtaining favourable results doctors recommend to administer Mentat for a period of 3-6 months and the usual doses are:

  1. children over 6 years: 1-2 Mentat tabs per day
  2. adults: 2 pills twice a day

If your child is under 6 years old please consult a medical expert to decide what would be the most appropriate dosage or whether this herbal supplement is contraindicated for use.

Precautions and warnings.

Please be aware that Mentat tabs is a herbal supplement and does not replace a varied and balanced diet.


Before taking Mentat you should see a doctor. In case if you have any individual hypersensitivity to any of the drug’s component please do not take this supplement.

Side effects.

Mentat tabs has almost no adverse reactions. Even if users could possibly experience any symptoms, they would be mild and temporary ones. For example, they could feel a slight headache or abdominal discomfort. Other patients could experience persistent adverse reactions. If you belong to this category of users, then you should see your treating physician as soon as possible.

Drug interaction.

In order to avoid any possible interactions between Mentat and any other drugs you are using, please inform your doctor about all the medications you are taking, including herbals and over the counter drugs.

Missed dose.

If you skip one of your Mentat doses, you can take it immediately as you remember about it. Doctors recommend to take your meds at the same hour every day for better results. It is mandatory not to take a double dose to compensate for the missed one.


If you ingest more Mentat tabs than advised by your doctor and you feel bad, please seek medical assistance.