Neem capsules

Neem Capsules

Neem capsules with analgesic and antipyretic properties helps people with rheumatism.

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Product Description

Neem capsules is a herbal product used to detoxify the body. It has antioxidant, laxative, diuretic, antibacterial and immunostimulant properties. It contains the extract of Azadirachta indica- one of the most used medicinal herbals in India. This plant is also known under the name of “remedy of all the diseases” or “pharmacy of the nature”. All the parts of this plant have therapeutic properties and they are used to treat and alleviate various health ailments.

Common use.

Neem capsules is used in the following situations:

  1. antasthmatic effect- it relaxes the muscles which causes these affections
  2. antipyretic and anti-emetic
  3. alleviates nausea episodes
  4. parasite fighter
  5. alleviates flatulence and tensing associated with the syndrome of irritable bowel
  6. in arthritis, gingivitis, indigestion and hypertension
  7. treats skin itching, allergies, eruptions and infections.
  8. anti-fungal and germicidal properties

Administration and dosage.

The most appropriate dosage and duration of therapy will be established by a healthcare professional in accordance with your current health state. The usual recommended doses are:

  1. adults and children over 15 years old: 1 Neem capsule twice a day
  2. children between 6-9 years old: 1 Neem capsule per day
  3. children between 9-15 years old: 1 Neem capsule twice a day during 1-2 months and then 1 Neem capsule per day for another 1-2 months

Precautions and warnings.

If you are pregnant, suppose you could be pregnant or you intend to become pregnant in the nearest future, it is not recommended to administer Neem without medical advice. As well, lactating mothers should be very cautious with any kind of medication/herbals they are taking, as the majority of them passes into their milk and this could involve hazardous consequences on their baby’s health.


Being a natural herbal supplement, Neem is safe to be use. The only exceptions would be:

  1. pregnant and breastfeeding women
  2. children under 6 years old
  3. patients with allergy to this plant

Side effects.

Neem capsules is a very well tolerated herbal product. In spite of this, everybody reacts differently to medicines and in case if you experience any bothersome side effect, it is recommended to see a medical expert without hesitation.

Drug interaction.

In order to avoid any possible hazardous interactions between Neem capsules and any other drugs you are using, please inform your doctor about all the medications you are taking, including other herbals and over the counter drugs.

Missed dose.

If you skip one of your Neem doses, you can take it immediately as you remember about it. However, in order to have better results it is advisable to take the supplement systematically. Users must not to take a double dose to make up for the missed one.


Cases of overdose with Neem capsules have not been reported so far. Nevertheless, if you take more pills than recommended by your doctor and you feel bad, then you should seek medical assistance at once.