Reosto is rich in calcium and different mineralshas with positive effect on bone density. It prevents osteoporosis and reduces risc of fractures

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Product Description

Reosto is a herbal supplement rich in calcium and minerals for strengthening the bone tissue in cases of fractures and osteoporosis. In its composition we can find only natural ingredients, such as:

  1. Terminalia arjuna- improves the synthesis of estrogens. As well, it is widely used for the treatment of coronary affections
  2. Guguul or Commiphora wightii- treats joint affections
  3. Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera- it is a potent rejuvenator. It treats myalgia and exhaustion
  4. Godanti bhasma- used for remineralizing the bone tissue, for improving immunity, for the treatment of leucorrhea and anemia
  5. Aloe Vera- a natural source of minerals. It exerts many benefic actions, one of them being to stimulate the reconstruction of cartilage.
  6. Plucea lanceolata- a herb that prevents swelling and soothes joints
  7. Sida cordifolia- contains phytosterols and phytoestrogens. It has many benefic actions and is used for treating asthma, urinary infections, rheumatism etc.
  8. Vanda roxburghii- has a strong anti-inflammatory action
  9. Кukkutandatvak bhasma- remineralizes the bones and has adaptogen properties. As well, it is used for alleviating post-menopausal symptoms

Common use.

Reosto inhibits bone resorption, supports the formation of bones and increases bone mass. It is a supplement indicated for use in the following situations:

  1. osteoporosis of various etiology
  2. geriatric osteoporosis
  3. osteoporosis associated with the post-menopausal period
  4. treatment and prophylaxis of fractures
  5. in cases of prolonged immobilization after multiple fractures

Administration and dosage.

For having favourable results, Reosto should be administered for a period of 1-6 months. Taking into account the severity of your osteoporosis, your physician will decide the most appropriate duration of treatment for you.

The usual recommended dose is 1-2 pills in the morning and in the evening. The pills should be taken 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after.

Precautions and warnings.

Reosto should be taken under medical supervision in pregnancy and breastfeeding periods in order not to harm the foetus/baby. This is why it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor at first.


The health conditions serving as impediments for taking Reosto are:

  1. hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of this supplement
  2. pregnant and lactating mothers

Side effects.

If Reosto is taken as advised by the doctor, it does not lead to the appearance of side effects. Nonetheless, some of the users could possibly have short episodes of headache or abdominal discomfort or any other bothersome symptom. In case if you notice an aggravation of these symptoms, please consult your physician for medical assistance.

Drug interaction.

Cases of significant drug interactions have not been reported as of today. Users should provide their doctor with a complete information regarding the medicines they are taking, including other herbals or non-prescription drugs. In such way, any possible hazardous interaction will be excluded.

Missed dose.

Skipping doses will result in a weaker effect of the treatment. In case if you forgot to take your pills, you can take them as soon as you remember about it.


Cases of overdoses have not been reported so far. Still, if you feel bad after taking more pills than recommended, then you should contact a medical professional for assistance.