Rumalaya Forte

Rumalaya Forte

Rumalaya Forte is a herbal product alleviating the pain associated with rheumatic and post-traumatic affections

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Product Description

Rumalaya Forte is a herbal product alleviating the pain associated with rheumatic and post-traumatic affections. It is composed only from natural ingredients, such as:

  1. Boswellia serrata- a herb which sustains the proper functioning of articulations, muscles and tendons
  2. Commiphora wightii- indicated in osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, blood circulation disorders
  3. Alpinia galanga- has anti-spasmodic properties. It improves digestion and reduces flatulence.
  4. Glycyrrhiza glabra- potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. It has a remarkable capacity of neutralizing toxins.
  5. Tribulus terrestris- strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic characteristics. One of the main functions is to protect the liver.
  6. Tinospora cordifolia- an effective immunostimulant which increases the protective action of white blood cells and helps consolidating the own immunitary system of the body

Common use.

Rumalaya Forte has the following benefits:

  1. reduces matinal rigidity
  2. reduces tumefaction
  3. increases the mobility of joints
  4. improves the quality of life
  5. prevents the degradation of joint cartillage
  6. exerts potent anti-inflammatory action
  7. favours the elimination of uric acid
  8. treats rheumatoid and infectious arthritis, gout and arthralgia

Administration and dosage.

The usual recommended dose is 1 Rumalaya Forte pill taken twice per day.

According to conducted studies, taking Rumalaya Forte for a period of 3-6 months prevents the degradation of cartillage in joints.

Precautions and warnings.

During pregnancy and lactating periods it is very important to consult a healthcare professional regarding any kind of medication which is intended to be used, even natural supplements.


Rumalaya Forte should not be administered in the cases below:

  1. hypersensitivity to any of the compounds present in these pills
  2. pregnancy and breastfeeding periods

Side effects.

Being a natural product, Rumalaya Forte does not have gastro-intestinal or cardiac side effects if taken in the recommended dosages. Nonetheless, if you experience any unusual persistent adverse reaction after its administration, please inform your doctor as soon as possible.

Drug interaction.

It is important to let your physician know if you are using some other herbal products and allopathic medications. In such way it would be easier to prevent any possible hazardous interactions.

Missed dose.

For having better results try not to have missed doses of Rumalaya Forte. Still, if you skip one intake you can administer your pills as soon as you reazlie the omission, unless it’s close time for the next intake.


Cases of overdoses have not been reported so far. If you took more Rumalaya Forte than you should have had and you feel bad please consult your treating doctor for further instructions.