Septilin has immunostimulatory effect and anti-inflammatory herbal formulation that allows to human body increase the capacity of protection itself against infections

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Product Description

Septilin has a benefic effect on the human body by its immunostimulatory properties, increasing the capacity of the body to protect itself against infections. All the contained ingredients are herb extracts, therefore it is a natural and safe to be used product:

  1. Maharasnadi Kwath- it helps maintaining a healthy nervous system and a good functioning of muscles and articulations
  2. Tinospora Cordifolia- it is used in diabetes, allergic rhinitis, upset stomach and for stimulating the immune system
  3. Trikatu- it sustains the superior gastro-intestinal tract, favoring the absorption of nutritive substances
  4. Emblica Officinalis- it contains high concentrations of vitamin C and therefore it is a potent rejuvenator
  5. Yashtimadhu- it improves digestion

Common use.

Septilin is used in the cases below:

  1. to improve body’s ability to fight infections- it can be used both in acute infections and in chronic infections of the superior and inferior respiratory tract
  2. in ENT infections- it may be used alone or combined with some antibiotics
  3. it reduces the risk of becoming infected with viruses, both in adults and children and can be taken from the very first symptoms of the illness
  4. it has an antiallergic effect when it is administered for long terms, being a good adjuvant in affections like allergic rhinits, bronchial asthma.

Administration and dosage.

The duration of treatment may last from 1 to 6 motnhs. The usual recommended dose for adults is 2 pills 2-3 times per day. Children over 6 years old should take 1 pill twice a day. Children under 6 years old could be prescribed more suitable forms of the drug, like for example syrups. The correct dosage will be established by the doctor.

Precautions and warnings.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not administer Septilin without consulting a doctor first. Even though it is a natural product, cautious should be made in these periods in order not to harm the foetus/baby.


Being a natural product Septilin does not have contraindications. The only exceptions would be:

  1. pregnancy and breastfeeding periods
  2. any individual allergy to some herbs

Side effects.

Septilin has almost no side effects at all. And even if users experience any symptoms, they are mild and short-term ones. For example, they could have a slight headache or diarrhea. Nonetheless, everybody is different and some patients could experience persistent side effects. If this is your case too, then you should see your treating doctor for further instructions.

Drug interaction.

Septilin does not interact with other medications. It is often prescribed along with antibiotics. Therefore, it is safe to be used, unless you notice anything suspicious while taking it with some of the other drugs you are undergoing.

Missed dose.

If you skipped a dose, you can take it later on, just immediately as you realize the omission. It is mandatory not to take a double dose to compensate for the missed one.


If you ingest more Septilin than recommended, you could have episodes of diarrhea, abdominal pain and/or nausea. If the symptoms do not pass, please see a doctor as soon as possible.