Tadalis SX

Tadalis SX


Tadalis SX with active ingredient Tadalafil is used for treatment of erectile dysfunction in men

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Product Description

Tadalis SX represents a generic form of Cialis. It is also a PDE5 inhibitor helping men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

The active ingredient is Tadalafil.

Common use.

Tadalis SX alleviates the difficulty to obtain an erection. This becomes possible due to the expanding of the arteries in the penis. When the PDE5 enzyme is inhibited, the relaxed smooth muscles will allow more blood to flow in the penis and less blood to flow out. And namely this is the core factor for getting and maintaining an erection. As well, men have to be sexually aroused while taking Tadalis SX.

Administration and dosage.

Usually doctors recommend to take 1 pill per day. Even if you plan several sexual acts throughout the day, this dose should not be exceeded. The pill must be taken as it is, without being crushed. Medical experts advise men not to have copious meals before drug intake, as this might delay the effect of tadalafil.

Precautions and warnings.

Men should be precautious with alcohol use and smoking. Any of these 2 taken simultaneously with Tadalis SX increase the risk of having health issues.

Driving and machinery use: the first times taking tadalafil some users might experience some side effects and some might not. Therefore, monitor the reaction of your body to this drug and then begin activities with a high level of responsibility and concentration.


Tadalis SX should be administered with the supervision of a doctor. If you suffer from any of the conditions below please do not take this medicine:

  1. cardiovascular diseases
  2. stomach ulcers
  3. Peyronie disease or any other penile deformation
  4. severe eye and vision diseases
  5. allergy to tadalafil or to another component
  6. leukemia

Side effects.

Please see below the possible Tadalis SX side effects resulting from the administration:

  1. cardiovascular system: heart palpitations, heartburn, arrythmia and very rarely cardiac insufficiency
  2. respiratory system: nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, chest pain
  3. digestive system: dyspepsia, diarrhea, dry mouth
  4. nervous system: dizziness, drowsiness
  5. vision troubles: blurred vision, troubles in distinguishing the blue color or even extremely serious reactions like neuropathy of the optic nerve.

This is by far not the entire list of possible side effects. If by any chance you experience the upper mentioned symptoms or maybe some other sudden condition please see a doctor immediately.

Drug interaction.

When visiting your healthcare professional please remember to inform him/her about all the drugs you are currently undergoing, have recently taken or intend to take in the nearest future. Tadalafil may influence some of them or, on the opposite, may be influenced by them in a hazardous way.

Tadalis SX should not be taken with:

  1. nitrates- the blood pressure may decrease to critical levels
  2. antibiotics like erythromycin
  3. alpha-blockers
  4. drugs for HIV/AIDS

Missed dose.

In case if you forgot to take a pill before the lovemaking act, you can administer it as soon as you think of it. It is extremely important not to take double doses.


In case of an overdose the side effects will be potentiated. For further information please contact your healthcare expert.