VPXL- Very Penis Extended Long. It is a natural product created to enlarge penises.

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Product Description

VPXL- Very Penis Extended Long. It is a natural product created to enlarge penises. The main ingredients are:

  • Tribulus Terestris- it is a plant that boosts testosterone in a natural way
  • Mucuna Pruriens- it reduces anxiety. Due to this, men are less stressed before their sexual "performance". As well, it increases sexual desire
  • Withania somnifera- restores body vitality and has an influence over the hormonal system. It is a nervine tonic
  • Asparagus adscenden- a natural way to increase semen amount

Common use.

VPXL is used to increase penis size. The mechanism of action consists in stimulating the growth of cavernous body’s cells. As well, it increases (even doubles) the semen amount.

Administration and dosage.

The regular recommended is 1 pill twice a day. Nonetheless, your doctor may decide that you need a higher dose, according to your current health state. If you want to achieve better results, then you should follow the treatment for a longer period of time.

Precautions and warnings.

While taking VPXL pills, please be very careful with your diet. You should exclude fats from your daily meals as they could be an impediment for blood flow in arteries and therefore the result will not be the expected one.


If you are allergic to any plants or if you have cardiovascular diseases, it is not recommended to administer these pills. One way or another, you should always consult your physician and inform him/her about any diseases you are suffering from.

VPXL Side effects.

VPXL is made up only from herbs and normally no serious side effects should follow. It is possible for you to have a minor headache or feel a little bit dizzy. If you experience these or any other side effects, please do not hesitate to seek medical care. People are different and they react differently to various products and medications.

Drug interaction.

VPXL components are natural ones and they should not interact with other drugs. No matter the medicines you are taking, even those sold over the counter, always let your doctor know about them before administering any other drugs.

Missed dose.

If by any chance you missed a dose, you can administer it as soon as you remember about it. Anyhow, if it is close time to take the following dose, it is recommended to just skip the forgotten one.


In case of an overdose, you may have nausea and/or feel dizzy. Please contact your doctor immediately.