Zero Nicotine Patch

Zero Nicotine Patch

The Zero Nicotine Patch with herbal ingredients is helping to quit smoking

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10 patches x 1 pack
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10 patches x 3 packs
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Product Description

Zero Nicotine Patch is a herbal formula which helps users quit smoking in a natural way. It is composed from 17 herbs: Eucalyptus, Bayberry, Hops, Gotu Kola, Slippery Elm, Myrrh, Oat, Peppermint, Gentian, Safflower, Ginger Root, Echinacea Powder, Skullcap, Sarsaparilla, Alfalfa, Passion Flower and Licorice Root.

All these ingredients were attentively selected and combined in ideal proportions to become an efficient herbal product helping people forget about nicotine.

Common use.

When smokers want to quit they face many frustrations. According to specialists, there are 3 main obstacles:

  1. nicotine addiction
  2. withdrawal symptoms
  3. nicotine intoxication

For being able to pass successfully through these moments, the Zero Nicotine Patches should be used. When the smoker longs for a new nicotine dose, the ingredients in these patches simulate it and the body is satisfied.

The natural ingredients in Zero Nicotine Patches help smoking people to want less cigarettes every day. This occurs step by step and gives the body the posibility to get used to the new quality of life.

Among these herbals , there are some of them with potent anti-oxidant features which favour the elimination of toxins from the body, including nicotine.

Administration and dosage.

The patches are used transdermally. Each patch is to be used for 3 days and afterwards it should be changed with a new one. The patches favour a faster absorption.

Precautions and warnings.

The patches should be placed on a hair-free portion of the skin in order to avoid irritation and disconfort when removing them.


If you are allergic to any of the ingredients present in these patches please do not use them and consult your doctor for being advised some other means of quitting smoking.

Side effects.

Users with sensitive skin could have irritations or itching on the site where the patch was applied. Those patients who will try to smoke will experience nausea, dizziness or diarrhea.

Please see a doctor for a professional consultation.

Drug interaction.

No cases of drug interaction have been reported so far. In case if you are already using products to quit smoking or some herbal medicines, please inform your doctor.

Missed dose.

If you forget to remove the patch on the 3rd day, you could remove it once you remember about it, but the treatment could be less effective.


Cases of overdose with Zero Nicotine Patch were not reported as of today.