BIOMED - the perfect blend of science & nature

Our mineral-plant complex based on arginine and natural extract with Calcium Hydroxyapatite combines the natural science of plants with innovations to strengthen tooth enamel and reduce sensitivity.

Invitro studies in Switzerland have also proved our products have a soothing effect on gums.


Brighten your smile with our top oral care picks and achieve a dazzlingly white smile and refreshingly fresh breath, all while saving you up to 40%.

Customer reviews
I was looking for a toothpaste without fluoride but was worried that it wouldn’t clean my teeth the same way as a toothpaste with fluoride. I am very pleased with the results and the flavour. Also it creates a decent amount of foam, which means that a pea size goes a long way!
— Evita
This is a great toothpaste with a mildly minty, coconut flavour. I really don’t mind it at all, and don’t find it overpowering as some of the other brands with a strong, standard foaming, minty taste. We have been using this product over a month now, it cleans well, my teeth are left a nice white colour.
— Michelle
I started using Biomed toothpaste a year ago as more commercial products were irritating my gums and causing dry mouth. The toothpaste is non- abrasive and my whole mouth feels clean after using. Definitely happy to continue with this product very glad that i found it.
— Valerie
I’m a huge fan of Biomed oral care and use many different toothpastes from the range. I won’t ever go back to other well known brands, my teeth and gums are the healthiest they have ever been.
— Karen
I personally like the flavour and how it lathers in my mouth. Equally my children seem to prefer this particular toothpaste over many others we have tried over the years. We are pleased with the purchase as this product is free from a lot of ingredients that we try to avoid.
— Zizi
So happy with this product paired with their mouthwash is excellent. I prefer this to the normal fluoride toothpaste and you still get the freshness if not more so. The coconut flavor is great and makes my teeth feel so much cleaner I’ve also noticed my gums feel better when using both the toothpaste and mouthwash. Excellent!
— Collin

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