BIOMED Pink Salt Complete Care Soft toothbrush

Ultra Soft | Bristles with himalayan pink salt

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BIOMED Pink Salt Complete Care Soft toothbrush
Using bristles dusted with Himalayan pink salt crystals, our Biomed sensitive, ultra-soft toothbrushes help to effectively remove dental plaque. They’re perfect for people with sensitive teeth, as the refined, ultra-thin bristle tips gently clean tooth enamel. The specially shaped toothbrush head is designed to give you easier access to your molars, for a deeper overall clean. Himalayan pink salt crystals are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine and they also help to increase the effectiveness of cleansing.

How to use?

Rinse a new toothbrush in warm water with soap before use. Keep the toothbrush in a vertical position with the applied part up during use. For the best results – use in combination with BIOMED natural toothpastes. Best before date is unlimited if the packaging is unopened. Recommended service life of a toothbrush is 2–3 months.


Handle – PP (polypropylene), TPE (thermoplastic elastomer); bristle – PBT (polybutylene terephthalate).

Customer reviews
Wanted to try a fluoride free toothpaste and can say my teeth feel lovely and clean leaving them bright. Wasn’t so sure on the taste at first but I am growing to like the fresh minty caramel taste in my mouth. Have only used for a couple week and so far I am liking the product!
— Catz
Have bought a few different flavours of the bio toothpaste now and like them all. Was worried my teeth would become really sensitive when I stopped using a popular specialist toothpaste but no signs of sensitivity at all. Attempting to change all products to natural after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It is recommended to eliminate fluoride as it can inbalance thyroid levels. So far very happy and on my 5th tube and will continue to buy for foreseeable future.
— Nik
I have been using Biomed Toothpastes for over two years now and am very pleased to say i really do see a whiteness after using them, I like all the flavours, and they are clean, fresh, and keep your gums nice and healthy. Use three times a day, at least, an/or after every meal. In conjunction with the mouthwash i wouldn't change brand now. Great ingredients, natural and non toxic. Winner.
— Jade
I had no expectations about this product. I have bleeding gums and am trying all of the products to find a solution. This one has been the most effective so far I recommend and I will continue to use.
— Susan
Great toothpaste, like thats its not that really strong minty flavour especially before bed, it tastes nice leaves youre mouth fresh and clean and because its coconut it leaves gums moist and not dried out there are no particles and it is whitening and enamel strengthening
— Robert
Love, love, love this toothpaste! The flavor is very mild but refreshing and my teeth feel dentist clean all day! I am buying again.
— Michelle